Goldenstatebulb growers (gsbg) is a fourth generation family business.  We have been gardening for a long time, and since the 1920s we have been producing flower bulbs and tubers. our main products are begonias callafornia Callas® and amerihybrid®, although we produce half a dozen other tuberous plants..

We are a vertically integrated company and control all aspects of production, from breeding to commercial introduction of new varieties.  Gsbg is the world's leading and largest producer of tuberous begonias and colored Callas.
Field of Callafornia Callas®
Golden Chalice and Blaze
We have an international staff of dedicated and well-educated people. Our efforts are supported by: a Doctor of Cytology, various master's degrees in soil science, pathology, Plant Breeding and entomology, as well as several bachelor's degrees in horticulture, biology and other subjects

management at Golden State Bulb Growers is extremely stable and there is virtually no management personnel turnover.

It takes ten years to introduce a new Callafornia Calla
®. However, because we all enjoy what we are doing and continue to be passionate about our mission, we are also patient and continue to have a long-term focus. The "let's make a quick buck" mentality does not exist at GSBG.
GSBG Headquarters
Propagation facilities
Since we are the leaders of the global market, we have to conduct almost all relevant research on our own. Our employees are developing new tissue culture protocols to create our parent hybrid lines of F1 calla lilies. We conduct labeling research to support the registration of new pesticides and growth regulators. We conduct research in the field of storage and curing so that our modern curing and storage facilities are at the forefront of available technologies.  And we offer continuing education opportunities for our workforce of 180 to 350 people, depending on the season.
Tissue Culture Lab
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