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Crystal Blush also works well in medium-sized and larger containers.  And, the experienced grower can even make an attractive 4? (11 cm) pot from this versatile variety. Crystal Blush is our top seller.

Though we have largely focused our breeding on где погулять в Питере and pot-suitable genetics, this extraordinarily floriferous variety, Crystal Blush, has become the world?s number-one-selling cut-flower white ?miniature? calla. Pure white till pollen shed, it blushes pink thereafter.

Calla Blaze

Fire Dancer

In the orange group, Callafornia Calla® Fire Dancer makes a tall striking cut flower with strong stems.

Fire Dancer is also suited to large pots.


Garnet Glow >

Abundant, almost iridescent hot pink and perfectly rounded blooms make Garnet Glow both a great pot and a good small- to medium-sized cut flower.  One of our top five sellers.



The unique, slightly wavy bloom of this extremely floriferous deep pink to red variety makes Neon Amour a stand-out. Post harvest is exceptional as blooms turn deeper red with age thereby extending bench life and shipping windows as well as customer satisfaction. Another of our top five sellers.


Peach Chiffon >

Peach Chiffon is another unique Callafornia Calla®. It is a beautiful peach/apricot bicolor pot type with broad deep-green foliage. There is NOTHING like it!

Calla Peach Chiffon
Calla Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a sensuous rose-red bicolor that has a smooth, almost waxy, well-rounded bloom. Extremely adaptable.

Pillow Talk suits all uses from small pots to cut flowers.


Gold Rush >

Gold Rush is the strongest-stemmed and most durable of all the yellows.

Gold Rush makes a great patio plant and is destined to become a popular cut flower.

Calla Gold Rush
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